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  • Harold & Janie Coats says:

    I had shattered a tooth about thirty years ago. i had it fixed several times by different dentist in town. There was always discomfort around that tooth. I went to Riverview Dental and Dr. Felt pulled and replaced with a implant. WONDERFUL !!! Harold saw how pleased I was with the implant he went and received two implants where teeth had been pulled. AMAZING !!!
    Thanks to Dr. Felt and his staff !

  • Teresa Navarrette says:

    I have had and issue with a tooth for the past ten years. I’ve been to two local dentist and a Texas specialist trying to resolve my problem. I was extremely hesitant to try again, and now I am so thankful that Dr. Felt and Staff understood my hesitation due to my past experiences and not to mention the expence. Now I love the results and would also like to emphasize the professionalism and care I received. Thank you Riverview Dental Care!

  • Mike Smith says:

    It has been over 2-yrs now since I had dental implants done by Dr Felt & his awesome staff. So I can say confidently how happy I am with my new teeth. They feel and act just like my original teeth. My dad has been going to dentists in Mexico for 30yrs because they are cheaper. Well you get what you pay for. His dental work is always breaking and coming apart and his teeth are in terrible shape. I would highly recomend Riverview dental. I’ve been to numerous dentists over the years, but have never seen an office so well equipped, and staff so well trained in state of the art dentistry. My procedure was fairly complicated, it involved 4-teeth. Yet was fast, and relatively pain-free. I’ve had fillings that involved more pain. Sure you can save some $$ at other places in the short-term. But in my opinion teeth are a LONG TERM investment.
    I am sooo happy with my decision to spend a little extra and get it done right !!!

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